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Friday 22 July 2011 - The EU has apparently agreed a latest bail out for the EU debt crises. I heard Max Keiser on BBC Five Live yesterday: buy gold.
Now Two Murdoch Whistleblowers Dead:
Meanwhile, Barbara Boxer and John Rockefeller join in; not that the Rockefellers would ever do anything illegal?!?... It is worth noting that Fox News in the USA have slightly opened the door to questioning he official 9/11 story. I wonder who else has noticed?

Interesting development: Hackers to FBI we are not scared anymore:

Jack The Ripper and horse racing...

Gerald Celente speaks, you could do worse than listen:

Ron Paul: Debt is unsustainable:
Ron Paul recently asked Chairman of the Federal Reserve Ben Bernanke, "Is gold money"?
Bernanke replied, "No, gold is not money."
Oh dear: watch for yourself at 5mins:
The EU is going down?

Using the 1992 presidential election as his springboard, documentary filmmaker Brian Springer captures the behind-the-scenes maneuverings of politicians and newscasters in the early 1990s. Composed of 100% unauthorized satellite footage, Spin is a surreal expose of media-constructed reality:
Apparently George Bush Sr. and Bill Clinton oversaw the smuggling of Cocaine in and out of Mena, Arkansas. Incredible, yet perhaps true:
French authorities may seek an international arrest warrant for two former police chiefs, who withheld a prophetic note in which Princess Diana seemingly predicted her assassination by car crash:

Saturday 30 July 2011 - Further comment from Andrew Basiago: Electricity turns space into energy. Negative electricity turns energy into space.
Lovely idea.

Nilay sent me photos of the new art gallery complex in Cihangir Caddesi; my previous home address in Istanbul. The building was formerly a multi-story carpark:

Tuesday 02 August 2011 - The speed of light is of no significance when you are jumping through a vortal tunnel in the time-space continuum, which is to say when time-space itself is being wrapped around you.

Friday 05 August 2011 - I note a local Bury MP David Ruffley is named as supporting the Hollie Greig case:

A 'UFO' sighting close to home, near Stansted: 'Freaked out' BBC reporter tells millions of radio listeners of the moment he faced a UFO on his way to work:
Gold currently $1660/ounce, was $600/ounce when I returned from Istanbul 2008.

Saturday 06 August 2011 - Further gems from Andrew Basiago: 'The four secret Mars - Mars the repository of ancient artifacts; Mars the harbinger of a planetary ecology; Mars the habitat of an indigenous civilization; Mars the host of a human presence from Earth.'

A new rainbow bridge project?! China's world breaking sea bridge:

David Wilcock on Source Field Investigations:

Cancer is curable now:

Economic Collapse A Mathematical Certainty:

Tuesday 09 August 2011 - Times are a changing and most political leaders and media voices have no grasp of what is abound and why. The Saudis and Bahrain are criticising Syria hierarchy for doing exactly what the Saudis and Bahrain have been doing; governments continue to look to 'print' 'digital money' as financial markets become increasingly unstable; the UK and US continue to fund a killing machine and intervene in foreign nation's affairs; gold hits $1750+ / ounce; all the while London last night turned into a battle zone:

Taped records from The Kennedy Library:

Growing Your Own Food: Permaculture, Integrative Organic Farming and Gardening:

Jim Sinclair says $1764/ounce will see gold price rise exponentially:
As I type 20:17hr gold has reached $1,765 and now back down to $1,766.

There is currently civil unrest in Salford following last night's riots. I've listened to political and media commentators throughout the day - few have a bloody clue. One person who spoke some common sense was Camilla Batmanghelidjh, founder of youth charity Kids Company:

Latest from Andrew Basiago: I see where Regina Dugan, director, DARPA, who was in my Mars training class in 1980, has a US patent pending for a space launch technology. I wonder whether they are going to credit her with the jump room technology that has been used to place US personnel on Mars since before 1980, when 97,000 had already gone to Mars.
In a world in which jump rooms are a 30-year old technology, space shuttles are obsolete.
The data is in. The Tesla teleporter at Curtiss-Wright got us from Wood Ridge, NJ to Santa Fe, NM - a distance of 2,005 miles - in five seconds, which works out to 2,309,760 kilometers per hour.

Wednesday 10 August 2011 - The UK riots continued last night. The BBC, mainstream media, politicians & police are clueless. I enjoyed this man telling the BBC presenter s
Linkhe's an idiot at the end. He has important points to relay, she does not listen:

Thursday 11 August 2011 -
Is Fantasy Now a Reality, Has it Always Been?
"Last Man Out" Makes Shocking 9/11 Disclosure:
Priest says Hell is an invention of the church to control people with fear

Dep PM Nick Clegg on this morning's BBC Radio 4 Today 'comedy' news programme: "... alot of young people break the law because they think they can get away with it... "
Just like role model bankers, MPs, police, church child abusers and so forth eh Nick?!
Today, ex Bullingdon Club members such as PM Cameron, Chancellor Osbourne and London Mayor Boris would smash up restaurants, so what is the difference with current day rioters? The Bulingdon Club members paid in cash afterwards and remain above the law.

Wednesday 17 August 2011 - Latest FaceBook posting from 'time traveller' Andrew Basiago: "This is the Age of Searl and Hutchinson, Verbelli and Stillings, Rodin and Vossa."
You can research the names yourself!

A poem: MASQUE OF ANARCHY by Percy Bysshe Shelley:

Something I might do at the weekend, watch 4 hours of this: THE GREAT PENSION FUND HOAX - Corporation Nation 2

Another hours long film. No wonder the mainstream media is not interested - too long:
War By Deception:

Sunday 22 August 2011 - Further quotes from Andrew Basiago about his Mars truth campaign:
"... Something highly significant has happened, and that is that two individuals from the same Mars training class in 1980 (Basiago and Stillings) have met and are comparing experiences and are able to corroborate not only that they were on the surface of Mars together but that before reaching Mars via jump room they were trained with a group of teenagers that included the current President of the United States (Obama) and director of DARPA (Dugan)."
"... The question that Obama must be asked: Mr. President, have you been on Mars and is there a secret US presence there?"

Monday 22 August 2011 - I always found Alex Jones rather loud and questioned his credentials. However, here's an interesting article by Mike Adams of Natural News on Jones:
Very interesting is the Vatican talking about UFOs on Fox News!

Tuesday 23 August 2011 - Latest from Andrew Basiago:
"When they want to show how they put the rovers on Mars via parachute, Mars suddenly has an atmosphere. When I start describing how when I went to Mars via jump room from 1981 to 1983 I breathed its atmosphere, Mars suddenly doesn't have an atmosphere. Mars has an atmosphere. I know. I breathed it."
He continues: "In this sense, your mission is to be seen and not eaten." - Major Ed Dames, to Mars training class, The College of the Siskiyous, Weed, CA, Summer 1980, that included Andrew D. Basiago, Regina Dugan, Barack Obama, and William Stillings, addressing acclimation function of Mars visitation amidst predators on the surface."

"In the form of teleportation achieved by DARPA's Project Pegasus in 1967-68, a vortal tunnel is opened up in time-space through which the teleportee passes. Seen from another perspective, time-space is wrapped around the teleportee as he enters a null field. It is like the teleportation in Sliders, not Star Trek."

"The quantum hologram is the sum total of all time lines."

Andrew, where did the humans come from that were on Mars? Why couldn't you bring the human back to earth that was going crazy from being on Mars too long?
"Carol, There are three or more typologies of humanoids on Mars. One are the descendants of the Earthling colonists that were separated from Earth by the solar system catastrophe 11,500 years ago. A second typology looks like the creature depicted in the film Nosferatu. A third more closely resembles the Grays of the ET contact literature. I don't know where the second and third type came from. I suspect the second type are the indigenous Martians and the third type a hybrid of the second type and the Grays. In answer to your second question, Courtney M. Hunt told Howard that we couldn't bring him back because I had to be brought back in the jump room. I don't know why Howard was being left at his post until he was in such a demented state and certainly would have tried to take him home but I had no say in the matter. Michael Relfe has described how some Mars visitors are being left in place as colonists and others are VIPS and other short-timers. Perhaps Howard had signed on to a 20-year hitch in exchange for monetary compensation or in exchange for a life prison sentence that he had been sentenced to on Earth. We know nothing about his background and what he had agreed to prior to going to Mars. Andy"

"The Mars Anomaly Research Society wishes to thank Major Ed Dames for the fantastic job that he did training Andrew D. Basiago, Barack Obama, Regina Dugan, and William Stillings to go to Mars in the early 1980s. As a result of the superb training that they received from Major Dames, all four of these young Americans survived their dangerous and harrowing experiences on Mars and went on to lead accomplished lives as leaders in American society."

"From birth to death, every human being traces an arc of light and sound in the quantum hologram." Father Pellegrino Ernetti

Wednesday 24 August 2011 - Yet more from Andrew Basiago:
"The quantum hologram is finite in the sense that it is being generated by an infrastructure. It is infinite in the sense that time lines continue to flow through it in an eternally regenerative way. If a sink is finite but water flows through it forever, is the sink finite or infinite? This resolves the apparent contradiction between our temporal existence and the eternal realm that envelopes it and transcends it. When we die and enter the tunnel of light, we are traveling from the temporal realm that we inhabit, which is a simulation, and returning to the eternal realm that created the simulation, that we might experience a life."

"When I was sent to Mars in the early 1980s, there weren't any US bases there. There were only jump room facilities, one story below ground, to receive us. On the surface, we were fending for ourselves, among the ruins of Martian cities and predators, some of which we could outrun, and some of which could outrun us."

A plastic bottle full of water becomes a light bulb - simple and revolutionary Brazilian invention:

Sunday 28 August 2011 - Arsenal lost 8-2 at Man Utd. Shocking. However, I predict the gold rate and Arsenal will rise. It was a birthday today of someone very special - she knows: meep!

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